National Starch Food Innovation

April 21, 2006
Guide aids in selecting starches for food innovation

A new brochure published by National Starch Food Innovation presents comprehensive information for selecting food starches. Compiled by experienced food technologists and chefs at National Starch Food Innovation, "How to Choose Food Starches – Your Guide to Food Innovation" helps food industry developers create new foods and improve existing ones.

Organized into 15 major food segments, the 32-page guide presents tables listing common applications, National's recommended specialty starches, suggested usage levels for optimal performance, features and functions of the ingredient, and benefits relating to processing, function, shelf-life and the consumer.

In addition, a detailed table entitled "Characteristics of Specialty Food Starches" helps food developers find ingredients via base materials, processing criteria and consumer benefits. The table covers 180 products with information organized by:

  • Product name
  • Base
  • Type
  • Smoothness of texture
  • Ease of dispersion
  • Acid, heat and shear tolerance
  • Freeze/thaw stability
  • Special properties
  • Benefits
  • Applications

Use the contact information above to obtain a free copy of "How to Choose Food Starches."