Cargill Launching Clear Valley Low Saturate Canola Oil

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Jun 05, 2009

Cargill announced it will launch Clear Valley low saturate canola oil, a high stability canola oil with 4 to 4.5 percent saturated fat– 25 percent less saturated fat than conventional canola oil and the lowest amount of saturated fat of any vegetable oil offered to food manufacturers to date. It will initially be available in North America and will expand to other geographies in the future. Product will be available for customer testing in early 2010.

Clear Valley low saturate canola oil is expected to deliver the high quality taste and performance food manufacturers and foodservice providers need, and the nutritional benefits consumers demand. With 4 – 4.5 percent saturated fat, Clear Valley® low saturate canola oil may allow food manufacturers to differentiate their brand with nutrient content claims such as low in saturated fat, reduced saturated fat or saturated fat free. Primary market research demonstrates that market share gains are possible if companies promote reduced saturated fat as a front of box claim.

Clear Valley low saturate canola oil is produced from Cargill’s Victory hybrid seeds specifically designed by Cargill scientists for maximum yield and performance to add value to farm businesses. Cargill’s Victory hybrids have superior agronomic performance, as well as the groundbreaking science, technology and ability to advance healthier oils with high stability and function.