Food Safety

Fortitech Creates Quality Standard Seal


Jun 15, 2009

Fortitech recently launched a Quality Standard Seal.

According to Fortitech, "This seal underscores Fortitech’s heritage as a direct result of our longstanding dedication to quality and safety throughout every aspect of our business. This includes utilizing innovative technology and equipment in all of our state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facilities worldwide, providing a complete Certificate of Analysis that tests all active ingredients to ensure their efficacy and accuracy, and continuous enhancements to our proprietary quality control and assurance procedures that meet, or in many cases, exceed industry standards for safety, traceability and more."

The seal will be placed on all commercial and sample products as well as documents that relate to quality.  

To learn more about Fortitech and its Quality Standard for the development and manufacture of custom nutrient premixes, please visit