Premium Ingredients Is Exclusive Distributor For Patented Nitrate Compounds

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Oct 13, 2010

Premium Ingredients International recently unveiled a new line of patented amino acid nitrates and Creatrate (patented creatine nitrate).

Creatrate's nitrate compounds break the previous barriers of solubility, stability, and dissolution, in addition to increasing bioavailability of all ingredients co-ingested.

Nitrate ion formulas are used to assist in strength development, muscular growth, and athletic performance enhancement. Nitrates, not to be confused with nitrites, are organic anions naturally occurring in the human diet, and have long been used by the medical community to increase vasodilation through actual nitric oxide production.

Creatrate and Amino Acid Nitrates are applicable for many product formats in various industries such as sports nutrition, dietary supplements, food and beverage, and energy drinks.