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Skidmore to Distribute Z Trim in Midwest, Atlantic Regions


Nov 10, 2011

Z Trim Holdings announced that Skidmore Sales and Distributing has recently added Z Trim Ingredients to its broad specialty product portfolio, thereby ensuring that food manufacturers in the Midwest and Atlantic marketplaces will have easier access to the multi-functional benefits of Z Trim Ingredients.  Skidmore Sales and Distributing presently services more than 3,000 customers in the Midwest and Atlantic regions of the United States.

Doug Skidmore, President of Skidmore, said, “We look forward to working with Z Trim Ingredients to provide our customers with a wide range of economical, textural, structural and nutritional benefits from their products. We anticipate our customers will profit greatly from Z Trim’s multi-functional ingredients.”

“Our new relationship with Skidmore ensures our customers will have prompt, uninterrupted shipments of our products; and the ability to leverage the advantages of Skidmore’s technical sales expertise, superior logistics systems and 11 convenient warehouses,” said Steve Cohen, CEO of Z Trim.