Premium natural spring water for kids with an active lifestyle

Evian, a brand of Paris-based Danone Group, debuts — first in Canada and then in the U.S. — Evian Les Petits, the first kid's pack of premium natural spring water dedicated to children.

With the active lifestyle that most children lead, it is important for them to quench their thirst with water. Replacing sweetened beverages with water is a great way to not only keep them hydrated, but also to lower a child's calorie intake, and Evian Les Petits offers a pure, fun and natural way for kids to enjoy water.
"Water is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children, and we want to help parents to encourage their children to drink more of it," says Jeff Caswell, VP of Marketing for Evian North America.

Evian has created fun graphics to complement the 330ml bottles and packaging. Easily held by kids, and perfect for a child’s lunch bag, these miniature bottles utilize Evian's signature pink and blue colors with some added kid-friendly flair. The new artwork features graphics of trendy, urban mothers with their children, as well as images of colorful sea creatures.

Suggested retail price for a six-pack is $5.99.

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