Organic Soup Gets a Packaging Makeover

Harvest Time Foods is reintroducing its  “Anne’s Old Fashioned Natural & Organic” soup base products with re-designed shrink labels from Printpack in order to update the image of the brand, enhance the graphics and eliminate excess packaging, thus enforcing Harvest Time’s commitment to producing a more sustainable consumer product.

Made of heat shrink PVC, the labels are used for all 5 varieties and are printed flexographic in 5-6 colors. By offering a 360-degree image area, there is room enough for graphics, a UPC code, nutrition facts and product uses. In addition, the shrink label conforms to the shape of the container, coming over the top and sealing the cap. The combination label incorporates a tamper-evident seal with a horizontal perforation that allows the band to be released from the cap while the label remains on the container. This combination label enables Harvest Time Foods to communicate an innovative and shelf appealing new look for their product.  Prior to the combination shrink label, Harvest Time used a paper label and an inner seal, thus eliminating 2 components with the use of the shrink label. In addition, the new label needed to withstand the colder temperatures of a refrigerator, since the product requires refrigeration once it is opened.

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Harvest Time Foods