Current Diveter Ring Will Reduce Energy Consumption in Food Processing Equipment

With newly-developed CDR technology, Inpro/Seal has become a supplier of bearing protection devices for motors using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to adjust the speed output of Alternating Current (AC) motors.  The motor manufacturers can conveniently package the motor, drive and CDR.

Only 40% of the motors in industrial use today employ VFDs for powering motors. According to industry sources, this percentage will increase significantly, near term. VFD-controlled motors inherently produce destructive shaft currents that must be redirected around the bearings; otherwise, unmitigated electrical currents initiated by the VFD and induced by the motor shaft destroy the bearings. The Inpro/Seal CDR safely diverts these currents and saves the motor bearings.

When operating centrifugal equipment such as pumps and fans, a 10% reduction in speed will result in a 27% reduction in energy consumption of the pump or fan. Rather than being limited to fixed system parameters such as rigid pump performance characteristics and pressure reduction valves in the system, centrifugal equipment can be programmed to respond to system requirements.

Inpro’s CDR components are developed, engineered, tested and manufactured completely within the Inpro/Seal Company facilities in Rock Island.  They are made from corrosion resistant bronze in any shape or configuration needed by the customer.

The new device will be available from all major motor manufacturers around the world as well as EASA repair facilities. It will be available as a “press-in,” a “Clip-on,” a “split” configuration or an “MGS” design Inpro/Seal, which prevents contamination from entering the motor bearing enclosure while diverting destructive shaft currents.

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Motors & drives