Corner Wrap Label Printer/Applicator Prints and Applies Labels To 2 Adjacent Product Surfaces

Tharo Systems introduces its Tharo PA1200cw Corner Wrap Label Printer/Applicator.  This multi-function Printer/Applicator can print and apply a label to 2 adjacent product surfaces - front and side or front and top.

The PA1200cw was designed, engineered and built by Tharo Systems and is currently available using the Tharo H-Series Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Printers with print resolutions of 203 or 300 dpi.

After a label is printed, it is stripped from the liner and held by suction on the tamp applicator pad.  The tamp pad is mounted on a swing arm that tamps the label to the front surface of the carton.  Then, a roller completes the procedure by wrapping the label around the corner of the carton.

The PA1200cw has a print width of up to 4.4” wide and a print length of up to 13” long.  It features all metal construction and is made to last with time-tested components.

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Tharo Systems