Tight Fit Keeps Odors, Germs Inside, Supports Infection Control Measures

Tilt trucks in the Poly-Trux line from Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. feature a durable lid (optional) to keep soiled laundry and refuse from spilling over the sides during transport. Ideal  for laundry, waste and recycling collection in facilities where cleanliness and infection control are paramount, the covered tilt trucks  create a tight fit around the perimeter when closed to help prevent germs and odors from  escaping into the environment while also reducing  the potential for human contact with other hazards.

The covered Poly-Trux tilt trucks discourage staffers from heaping bagged laundry, waste or  other cargo beyond the height of the rim to reduce the movement of unsightly, overflowing loads through high traffic areas. By enclosing and hiding the cargo under cover, the tilt trucks also deter casual theft.

The covered tilt trucks are rotationally molded of 100% weatherproof polyethylene for long term durability and cleanability. Six different models
are available to safely accommodate loads up to 2,000 lbs. in a choice of 16 standard colors. Available options include tow hitches, bag hooks, brakes, permanent graphics and custom colors.

Product Type:
Sanitation & hygiene
Orbitron Dunne Co.