First Potato Chip Brand Back On Store Shelves

After thinly slicing a Yukon gold potato, frying it in cottonseed oil and seasoning it with sea salt, George Crum was credited with the invention of the first potato chip in 1853. A staple on store shelves until the 1920s, Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips is once again available to consumers.

The resurrected Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips is the brainchild of Saratoga Specialties Co., Saratoga Springs, N.Y., which invested significant resources into researching and replicating the flavor and packaging of what is widely recognized as the nation’s first potato chip.

“The original Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips remained popular for more than 50 years,” says owner Dan Jameson. “It was important for us to stay true to the original recipe so that our chips taste exactly as they did in 1853.”

Each batch of chips is made by hand, using just three quality ingredients: Yukon gold potatoes, grown locally in New York, trans-fat free cottonseed oil and sea salt.

“The reproduced packaging draws consumer attention, but the taste and quality of our chips is why they keep selling out,” Jameson says. “Each chip tastes fresh and satisfies with a really nice crunch. Unlike many other chips, Moon Brand chips are not greasy,” he says, crediting the cottonseed oil. “This trans-fat free vegetable oil does not leave an oily taste in your mouth and showcases the great flavor of the Yukon gold potato. We use cottonseed oil because of its historical significance with our chips, but really the taste speaks for itself. We could not choose a better oil.”
Suggested retail price is $1.49 for a 1.5-oz individual size and $4.99 for a 9-oz. bag.

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