Steam Cleaner Features Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization Technology

DaimerIndustries announced the availability of the new KleenJet Ultra 3000CVP steam cleaners, boasting Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology, which has killed 99% of the disease-causing germs and mold in independent laboratory tests.

ATIS technology has been proven by a national laboratory to kill 99 percent of disease-causing mold and bacteria. ATIS vapor steam cleaners killed E. coli, staph infections, salmonella, hazardous mold spores, and other harmful bacteria and pathogens.

The steam cleaning machines include myriad attachments, namely: a 10-ft detachable steam hose, a 10-ft vacuum hose, industrial-strength extension rods, brushes, and a steam squeegee for mirrors. The 3000CVP can be purchased with optional 16-foot steam hoses and 24-ft steam vacuum hoses, the longest in the industry offering a cleaning radius of up to 2000 square ft without moving the machine.
Product Type:
Sanitation & hygiene
Daimer Industries