Campbell Builds On Success Of Select Harvest Soups

Sales of Campbell's ready-to-serve soups increased 4 percent last year, mainly driven by the launch of Select Harvest. In fact, an estimated 3.7 million new households started buying the soup, helping to make it the number one introduction in the soup category. Building on that success. Camden, N.J. based Campbell Soup Co. launches 12 varieties of 100 percent natural Campbell's Select Harvest soups -- including 100 percent natural chicken and 100 percent natural chicken stock.

A first for Campbell's, these naturally delicious soups contain no artificial ingredients of any kind and include some of Campbell's Select Harvest most popular varieties and five new Mediterranean-style soups showcase the flavorful and healthful ingredients that are key aspects of the Mediterranean diet, such as vegetables, whole grains and extra virgin olive oil. The 12 new, 100 percent natural varieties of Select Harvest include: Chicken with Egg Noodles; Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla; Italian-Style Wedding; Savory Chicken and Long Grain Rice; Roasted Chicken with Rotini and Penne Pasta; Minestrone; Vegetable Medley; New Chicken Tuscany; New Zesty Tomato Bisque; New Savory Sausage and Vegetables; and Light Roasted Chicken with Italian Herbs. Like the rest of the Select Harvest line, all of these soups contain natural sea salt and healthy sodium levels (410-480mg).

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of the Select Harvest brand in its first year and are looking forward to building on that success this year," said Michael Barkley, vice president, Campbell's ready-to-serve soups. "We developed Select Harvest soups specifically for women by listening to what they wanted in a new soup from Campbell, namely ingredients they would find in their own kitchens. We continue to address consumers' needs by expanding our soup offerings with the 100 percent natural and Mediterranean varieties."

Campbell's Select Harvest soups are the first from the company to feature a label with a clean and simple design, highlighting a short, familiar list of ingredients.

Suggested retail price is $1.49-$2.49.
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