Conveyor Line Denests Cups and Lids

Hinds-Bock denesters save labor and increase revenue by automatically placing containers on the filling line conveyor. Further savings through the use of the Hinds-Bock rotary multi magazine denester loader greatly reduces the frequency of reloading containers into the denester.

For added versatility, quick change magazines are used for rapid change over from one container to another.  Low level sensors notify the operators of the need to reload the denester. Additional options include:
  • Continuous or intermittent motion conveyors
  • Dual drive section conveyors for fill and lidding stations
  • System speeds of up to 60 per minute
  • No Container, No Fill, No Lid system controls
  • Recipe controls for multiple container set-up
  • Depositor docking station
  • Single stack or high speed rotary cup/tub denesting
  • Tool free cup/tub magazine tooling
  • Low stack alarm
  • High Speed spinning rod lid denesting
  • Multi-diameter lid tooling
  • Top positive drive belt assembly for clutch lock lids
Product Type:
Conveying equipment