Drawers Provide Secure, Dust-Free Storage And Organization

Akro-Mils introduces a new family of products — AkroDrawers . Available in both 12" and 18" lengths, AkroDrawers keep supplies and parts secure, dust-free and neatly organized. The AkroDrawers line features five convenient sizes and five colors: Red, Yellow, Gray, Blue and Crystal Clear, which keeps contents highly Easy to label for quick inventory identification, each AkroDrawer contains multiple grooves for optional width dividers.

AkroDrawers feature a wide front handle for easy gripping when full or filled with heavy contents.Ideal for virtually any industry, AkroDrawers are stackable when used alone, or for more versatility, AkroDrawers can be used with the wide array of special bundled packages that Akro-Mils has designed to provide a clean and organized look to even the most heavy-duty needs, including Super Modular Cabinets — stackable or wall mountable units available in three sizes:

  • Stackable Cabinets — much larger than the Super Modular Cabinets, Stackable Cabinets provide increased storage capacity and can be safely stacked up to three high.
  • Secure Mini-Cabinets — available in both quick-view and solid door models, lockable to store sensitive supplies
  • Louvered Carts — industrial-grade mobile workstations with welded-steel frames and steel-reinforced hardwood tops.
Product Type:
Material handling