USDA-approved Checkweigher Can be Used for Dairy and Meat Applications

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed introduced its USDA-approved Cornerstone SA checkweigher which can be used for dairy and meat applications, whether packaged or bulk.  The system’s hygienic design and full stainless steel construction is built to withstand the heavy, washdown environment of applications such as blocks of cheese, ice cream bars, milk, and raw and processed meat products.  The system is designed for COP or CIP for cleaning to a microbiological level.  All Non-product areas are designed to eliminate debris build-up and potential bacterial reservoirs and product contact areas are corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and non-absorbent. 

Fully customizable for easy integration into production lines, the Cornerstone Beltweigh SA checkweigher delivers accuracies for up to 11 pounds (5 kilograms) for reduced product giveaway and increased profits. The system can be integrated with a Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detector for added inspection. 

Product Type:
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed