Economical Solution for Integrated Product Inspection

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed introduces the XC3 CombiChecker, an economical and compact, three-conveyor Hi-Speed checkweigher and Safeline metal detector integrated onto one free standing unit. The system delivers an integrated, space-saving solution for inspecting a wide range of products and packages in dry, dusty, and wipe down environments with the reliability, precision and uncompromising performance that you expect from Mettler-Toledo.

The XC3 CombiChecker reliably detects and rejects all types of metals and can weigh, classify and segregate uniformly spaced packages weighing up to 3500 grams at rates up to 125 packs per minute.  The system is available in a 300mm wide conveyor configuration making it ideal for users which require the flexibility to run both narrow and wide packages.

The color, touch screen dashboard-style display provides intuitive, menu-driven access to basic checkweigher functions. Browser-like navigation makes training fast and simple while allowing quick access to machine and line performance measures and statistics. Operators and Supervisors access only the appropriate checkweigher functions and information based on their security level. Stored package set-ups including weight, tolerances, conveyor speeds and reject timers make production changeovers fast and error fee for more production uptime.   

The Safeline metal detector is available with single or dual frequency models for maximum inspection flexibility for a wide range of products and delivers high sensitivity to all types of metal, even the difficult-to-detect stainless steel.  The user-friendly interface provides for quick operator training for maximum uptime. The systems can also be set-up for inverse operation when it’s important to ensure a metal part or protective foil safety seal is present with each package. 

The frame is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The four stainless steel feet are adjustable allowing the overall machine height to be fine-tuned. This enables precise alignment to existing delivery and take-a-way conveyor elevations for quick and easy installation and minimal downtime. Maintenance staffs will be impressed with the ease of installation, quality and attention to detail that the XC3 CombiChecker delivers. Simple change out of wear items such as belts, motor quick disconnects and UL508 construction minimizes production downtime.
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Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed