Noax IPC Weighing Terminal Weighs, Stores and Processes

Noax Technologies has  developed a weighing terminal to combined measuring  weights and  processing measurement results. The Noax weighing terminal is a fully integrated system, combining the advantages of a robust Noax industrial PC with the precision of electronic scales. Two analog weighing platforms or weighbridges can be connected to the weighing terminal.  The scales can be connected either with a single range weighing machine with up to 10,000 pieces or a multiple range or multiple divisions weighing machine with up to 2 x 3,000 pieces.

The multi-range capable scales feature a number of measuring ranges. If the scales enter the next higher measuring range, they remains in this higher range and do not revert to the next lower measuring range. The multiple-division weighing machine has the same measuring ranges but automatically alternates between them within the measuring ranges. The weight is calculated using special software running on Windows Operating Systems.
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