Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips Rolled Out to Meat Snack Market

Boulder, Co.-based Thanasi Foods  adds Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips, a mouth-watering meat snack to its lineup. Using Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and premium cut steak strips, Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips are a savory blend of Kentucky spirited flavor and hardwood smoked perfection. Thanasi uses only selected whole-muscle, 100 percent USA-made authentic beef jerky. The beef is smoked and dried after being soaked in Jim Beam, a process that leaves virtually no alcohol in the final product while imparting the unmistakable flavor of the world's No. 1 Bourbon. Positioned as a premium product, new Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips are USA-made, low in fat, high in protein and contain 0g trans fat. Tender and slow-cooked, this new steak snack delivers a high-quality and tasty bite.

"Jim Beam adds a remarkable, distinctive flavor to a variety of foods," says President and CEO Justin Havlick. "We anticipate the steak strips will be popular with consumers who already enjoy marinated beef jerky, but are looking for an even more tender bite out of a deliciously flavored meat snack. What's more, the unique packaging and appeal of Jim Beam will encourage trial by those who may not have ever tried other meat snack products in the past. Once they open the bag, they'll experience the full Bourbon flavor and extra tenderness of the steak strip that makes this product stand out. It's simply delicious."

Suggested retail price is $5.99.
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Meat, Poultry & Seafood
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