Yogi Tea Awakens The Body With Natural Energy

Springfield, Ore.–based Yogi transforms waking up and post-lunch pick-me up routines with two new naturally caffeine-rich green and black teas. Developed by Yogi's culinary herbalist to deliver boosts of natural energy, Refreshing Mint ReVitalize and Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy carry on the brand's heritage of creating teas with delicious, intriguing flavor and healthy benefits.
Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy blends sweet vanilla bean and honeybush leaf with warm chai spices and green and black teas for a perfectly balanced flavor that gently awakens the body's natural energy. The inherent caffeine in green and black teas is enhanced with natural green tea extract for an immediate pick-me-up while the calming green tea derivative L-Theanine helps to prevent jitters leaving you with balanced, focused energy.

Combining cool peppermint with rich Assam black tea, the flavor of Refreshing Mint ReVitalize is inspired by traditional Turkish mint blends and provides lasting natural energy. Assam black tea, green tea and natural green tea extract together deliver a potent boost of balanced energy. The invigorating tea is made with signature Yogi spices including ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and clove that gently detoxify the body and protect against impurities.

"As modern life gets increasingly busy, there's been a need for powerful teas that provide balanced long-lasting energy, without harmful side effects like anxiety and jitters," says Guru Hari Khalsa, Yogi director of research and development. "To fill that void, we created two tea blends with potent energizing effects unmatched in the tea aisle today. We worked hard to develop distinct flavors for each that you'd look forward to savoring."

Suggested retail price at Whole Foods and other natural product retailers is $5.00 for a box of 16 individual tea bags.

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