Sodium-Free Pickles Debut

Big Lake, Minn.-based Healthy Heart Market launches Healthy Heart Market No Salt Dill Pickles, tangy sodium-free pickles, produced by Los Angeles-based Kruegermann Pickles & Sauerkraut, and developed by Delicious Concepts LLC. They are made tasty with a special homemade spice recipe (clove, dill weed, ginger, pimento, bay, caraway, cassia, garlic, mustard, capsicum, nutmeg, and turmeric) that compensates for not using salt. The no salt, zero sodium dill pickle, the only such product in the North American market, contains no artificial flavors, colors, benzoates, sorbates, potassium chloride, HFCS, or preservatives.

With a two-year shelf life, the pickles come in a 32 oz jar, and are presently only available online at

Soon to be available, the company plans to introduce a no salt - no sodium dill cornichon (mini dill pickle) and a no salt sweetened bread and butter pickle.

Suggested price for a jar is $ 7.00.
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