Starkist Tuna Moves Into the Freezer Aisle with Microwavable Fillets and Entrees

Pittsburgh-based StarKist Co. launches its latest and most flavorful catch yet: StarKist SeaSations Fish Fillets and Seafood Entrees. Debuting in the freezer case, these innovative and convenient microwavable fillets and entrees will be available in select regional markets in the eastern half of the U.S.

According to Jennifer Albert, director of marketing at StarKist, the launch of these products is taking the StarKist business beyond tuna, and creating an entirely new seafood experience on behalf of the brand. "StarKist is committed to providing consumers with delicious restaurant-inspired products that deliver the same exceptional quality they have come to expect from the brand," she says. "From our SeaSations Fillets with Savory Lemon & Herb to our SeaSations Entrees that come in 10 varieties of shrimp, salmon, tuna and tilapia, these new mouth-watering products deliver sophisticated flavors and make it easy for consumers to incorporate seafood into their diet."

StarKist's SeaSations Fish Fillets are premium white fish fillets in restaurant-inspired sauces. The microwavable steamer pouch locks in flavor so consumers have a quick and convenient, great-tasting fish dish every time. Varieties include: Savory Lemon & Herb, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki Orange & Ginger and Mediterranean Tomato & Basil.

SeaSations Seafood Entrees offer the goodness of seafood in a complete, restaurant-inspired meal, steam cooked in the microwave. Varieties include Lemon Dill Salmon, Sesame Ginger Shrimp and Orange Miso Tilapia. Tuna is represented in the Creamy Tuna Casserole.

Suggested retail price for SeaSations Fish Fillets is $5.99, and Seafood Entrees retail for $3.99.

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