Flexicon Offers Plant-Wide Weigh Batching System

Flexicon Corporation's automated Plant-wide Weigh Batching System weighs up to seven major ingredients received in bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients received in 50-pound sacks, pails or boxes, and conveys weighed batches to a downstream blender that feeds a bulk bag filler and a paper sack filling machine.

The batching system's components include:

  • 5 loss-of-weight Bulk-Out bulk bag dischargers with large surge hoppers and rotary airlock valves
  • 2 loss-of-weight Bulk-Out bulk bag dischargers with small surge hoppers and flexible screw conveyors
  • 2 loss-of-weight bag dump stations with flexible screw conveyors
  • a check-weighing hopper
  • a Twin-Centerpost bulk bag filler
  • a Pneumati-con dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system including blower, filter receiver and conveying lines
  • a programmable controls package

Each of the large surge hoppers can accommodate the contents of a bulk bag containing a major ingredient, affording plant floor operators time to load full bags into the frame.

The smaller surge hoppers provide enough capacity to allow reloading of major ingredients conveyed at lower rates by small diameter flexible screw conveyors, providing higher accuracy than possible with large rotary airlocks.

Product Type:
Material handling