Liquid Packaging Pouch Film Allows for High Processing Speeds

Taisei Lamick's packaging film for liquid packaging machines allows for high filling speeds over sustained periods of time. The product features a high quality appearance that is further reinforced by quality construction. The film is durable, puncture resistant and features very tight seal strength and can be used for packaging viscous liquids.

Taisei Lamick offers three film types to meet a range of requirements:

  • XA-H and XA-HD films are designed for hot filling, where the pouring liquid is near boiling temperature.
  • XA-S film features allow for a tight seal even with high viscous substances, such as oils.

Taisei Lamick film can be customized to meet a variety of needs. The company offers consultation services to ensure the correct film is selected for an application.

Product Type:
Packaging materials
Taisei Lamick