Tula Foods Better Whey of Life Launches New Whey-Infused Greek Yogurt

Healthy foods manufacturer Tula Foods Inc. launched Better Whey of Life, a natural brand of Greek yogurt made with whey protein from grass-fed cows.

The yogurt, which hits the shelves in Chicago, Denver and San Francisco, is said to be a "twist-on-the-familiar" varieties: blackberry pomegranate, strawberry goji berry, raspberry white grape, acai mixed berry, vanilla bean and plain.

Better Whey of Life uses a unique process that retains the whey protein, enabling a distinct thick, smooth and silky yogurt. Whey protein is unique because of its branched chain aminoa content -- leucine in particular. Recent studies suggest that consuming a critical amount of these amino acids through foods at each meal help maintain muscle and burn fat.

Better Whey of Life retails for $1.39-$1.69/6oz cup.

The yogurt can be found at King Soopers and City Market Stores in Colorado and select cities in the surrounding Rocky Mountain states, in Jewel stores in the Chicago area and in Whole Foods in Northern California and the Rocky Mountain region.
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