Citrus Caviar From Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Bursts With Delicate Lime Flavor

Australia's Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. offers Freshburst Finger Limes -- also known as "citrus caviar"-- a unique fruit native to Australia. Finger Lime (citrus australasica) is shaped like a finger or pod that holds clusters of tangy, crunchy little citrus "roe." This citrus caviar bursts with delicate lime flavor, is visually appealing and can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications.

FreshBurst Finger Limes are naturally preserved in a base of water, vinegar, sea salt, infused with wild hibiscus and lemon myrtle, and are conveniently pre-portioned into six ready-to-use segments, making them ideal for retail and foodservice. Five years of research and development led to the successful re-sealable foil-lined product packaging—using a High Pressure Processing (HHP) technology—allowing for an 18-month shelf-life.

"Our FreshBurst Finger Limes offer customers another unique, world-first food and cocktail garnish of the highest quality," says Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Founder Lee Etherington.

Suggested retail price for a 140g package of 3 to 4 whole finger limes is $8.99.
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