Duo Mints Delivers Fruit and Cool Flavor Sensation

Hershey Co., Hershey, Pa., introduces the coolest and sweetest way to experience fresh breath with the launch of Ice Breakers Duo mints, the ultimate "fruit + cool" flavor sensation. They're available in two flavors —  Raspberry and Strawberry —  and combine a sweet, fruity taste with the brand's signature cooling crystals.

"Ice Breakers Duo mints offer fans the best of both worlds with a delicious and invigorating fresh breath experience that pairs a sweet, textured fruity side with a cool, smooth minty taste," says Anna Lingeris, spokesperson for the Ice Breakers brand. "We're excited to bring this duality to life through a special partnership with Pandora and an interactive Facebook app that gets fans involved by taking a look at both the sweet and cool sides of their personalities."

To celebrate the new line of dazzling mouth sensations, Ice Breakers brand is challenging fans to Duo It Better on Facebook with four different activities that will bring out the sweet and cool sides of their personalities. Facebook profiles say a lot about a person, so Ice Breakers fans are invited to analyze theirs to find out where they land on the sweet versus cool scale. Who wouldn't want to be "Sweet as a Koala Bear Hug" or "Cool as a Snowman's Belly Button" (Facebook.com/Icebreakers)?

There's also access to three Pandora radio stations —  Ice Breakers Duo Sweet Station, Ice Breakers Duo Cool Station and Ice Breakers Duo It Better Station —  which offer fans sweet and cool music, featuring mash-ups, collaborations and covers to balance out the sweet and cool sides of their personalities. Fans can vote for songs to add and remove from their radio station

Suggested retail price for a 1.3-oz. tin is $2.25.

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