Jelly Belly Debuts Latest Pet Gummi

Moms may be grossed out, but boys of any age will love the latest treat from Jelly Belly Candy Co., Fairfield, Calif. What has big eyes, six legs, antennae and is delicious? You guessed it. Just in time for the Sweets & Snacks Expo held in Chicago, Gummi Pet Cockroach joins the Jelly Belly Pet Gummi line, which also includes Pet Rat, Pet Gator, Pet Dinosaur and Pet Tarantula.

Those with katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) need not worry; this Pet Cockroach is well contained in a 1.5-oz. package, and will be welcomed onto store shelves.

Through a special process, the Pet Cockroach is created with two different flavors. In fact, the legs of this gummi are a different flavor than the body. There are three tasty combinations: blackberry and cherry, grape and lime, and orange and blackberry.

Each cockroach is also packed with a fun facts card that includes trivia about these crawling critters. Surely you want to know that: Cucaracha is Spanish for "crazy bug," the name cockroaches have for wildly running around in all directions; cockroaches can run up to three miles per hour; can survive under water for up to 40 minutes, thanks to the waxy cover on their bodies; and can live up to a week without their heads -- because their brains are scattered throughout their bodies.

"The Jelly Belly Gummi Pet line is popular among kids, but also enjoyed by the young at heart," says Rob Swaigen, vice president of marketing. "These types of novelty items sell well when placed at counter height."

Sorry mom, you know Junior just can't wait to find them and scare the living daylights out of you.

Suggested retail price is $1.99.

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