Kettle Brands Celebrates Its 30th Birthday By Unretiring Four Flavors

It's hard to believe that Salem, Ore.-based Kettle Brand, part of Diamond Foods, made its first batch of all natural kettle-cooked potato chips 30 years ago. To usher in this milestone, the brand is bringing back — for a limited time — four of its favorite retired flavors, not an easy decision considering more than 40 flavors were produced during these three decades.

Varieties of The 30th Birthday Collection include: Red Chili — Introduced in 1982, the first flavor produced after the original Unsalted and Lightly Salted, mirrors the taste of sriracha sauce combined with a vinegar tang. Cayenne pepper is used for a searing red chili heat. Kettle Brand employee, Jimmy, campaigned for the return of Red Chili since it retired 23 years ago. While it may have launched ahead of its time, this chip is making an on trend comeback with the flavors and food of today; Jalapeño Jack — The second-oldest retired flavor in the collection debuted in 1989, has a visual resemblance to a slice of Pepper Jack cheese and the same creamy, salty Jack cheese base mixed with the spice of red and green peppers, and a strong jalapeño flavor; Salsa with Mesquite — Launched in 1999, vocal fans have long mourned the absence of this favorite, which combines the sweetness of salsa with the smokiness of mesquite barbeque. Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and garlic blend with the bright flavor of lime to create an unmatched flavor combination that's sweet, smoky and salty; and Cheddar Beer — After debuting as a fan pick during the brand's first People's Choice vote in 2005, this chip earned a cult following inspired by the classic Midwestern dish, cheddar beer soup. A combination of tangy sharp cheese with malty beer notes forms a perfect balance of smooth and salty flavors.

Chief Flavor Architect Carolyn Ottenheimer says limiting the choices to four was difficult. "Reflecting on 30 years was a great reminder of how flavor innovation is so rooted in everything we do. It was easy to spot how we've often been ahead of our time, on the cusp of culinary trends that are just starting to hit American culture."

It's not just flavor innovation that sets Kettle Brand apart. It is its commitment to all natural ingredients – no trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives. Kettle chips are made from non-GMO ingredients and it's the first potato chip brand to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. Chips are cooked in small batches in healthy oils under the watchful eye of dedicated chip cooks.

Suggested retail price for 5-oz. bags is $2.79 and 8.5-oz. bags are $3.49.
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