Lifeway Foods Rolls Out Strawnana Split Probugs Frozen Kefir For Kids

Pauly "Peel" Probug is proud to introduce Strawnana Split, the newest flavor of Probugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir. Pauly just loves bananas (that's why his friends call him "Peel"), and he thinks his new strawberry-banana blend at 130 calories is the best Probugs flavor yet!

Probugs is a yogurt-like smoothie, but has less sugar than most other yogurts and juices. Made just for kids by Morton Grove, Ill.-based Lifeway Foods, this whole milk kefir is high in protein and calcium, has added inulin for optimum calcium absorption, and contains 10 live and active probiotic cultures for healthy bellies and strong immune systems. Gluten-free, it contains fiber, 9g protein, vitamins A, C, D, calcium and iron.

Packed with more than twice the probiotic content of yogurt, Lifeway Kefir enters the body and immediately goes to work by supporting the immune system, stimulating digestion, easing lactose intolerance and controlling the formation of harmful yeast overgrowth. Lifeway Foods recognizes that healthy kefir comes from happy cows, which is why they only use rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) and antibiotic-free milk. Milk used to make the kefir comes from farms that treat cows humanely. The CRC-certified, Kosher beverage packing a probiotic punch is sweetened with organic cane juice.

Kefir is not the trendy "new kid on the block" in the health and wellness arena by any means. It actually dates back to ancient times in Eastern Europe when nomadic shepherds discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches over long journeys would occasionally ferment into the tantalizing beverage now known as kefir, a word derived from the Turkish word "keif" which means, "good feeling," referring to the feeling the shepherds felt after they imbibed their accidentally delicious discovery. Marco Polo exposed the kefir secret when he wrote about the tasty beverage he drank throughout his travels, but it wasn't until modern times that kefir's health benefits were discovered by doctors and scientists. In 1908, Elie Metchnikoff won a Noble Peace Prize for his discovery of the benefits of probiotics, kefir and lactic acid.

A tart and tangy treat, Probugs has an easy-to-grip shape and no-spill spout and squishy pouch makes it a perfect no-mess snack —  even in the car.
Suggested retail price per 4-pack of 4-oz. containers is $4.99.

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