Campbell Soup Co. Adds Bold New Twists on a Zesty Classic Juice

Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co. expands its line of V8 100% vegetable juices with the addition of two new varieties: V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Lime and V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Black Pepper. These are the first new flavors since 2003, and offer twists to the savory taste of V8 100% vegetable juice to fulfill people's growing desire for bolder flavors.

V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Lime adds just a touch of lime for a crisp and refreshing taste, and V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Black Pepper includes a dash of black pepper for a delicately spicy flavor. Both of these new varieties provide two full servings of vegetables in each 8-oz. glass.

"Our fans have told us how passionate they are about the big, bright flavor of V8 100% vegetable juice," says Mike Barkley, vice president, general manager, V8 Beverages. "With new 'Hint Of' varieties, we're giving people even more reasons to love their favorite juice by building on what makes V8 special with accents of black pepper and lime."

Suggested retail price for a 46-oz. bottle is $2.99.
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