CredibleCravings Offers Organic, Gluten-Free Whole Food Bar

CredibleCravings has introduced its namesake gluten-free organic snack bar line developed specifically for expecting and nursing women.

CredibleCravings whole food bars were developed collaboratively with obstetricians, midwives and nutritionists to provide women with a natural source of the nutrients and energy they need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. In addition to being made entirely of organic veggies, fruits, nuts and sprouted seeds, CredibleCravings bars incorporate probiotics.

CredibleCravings comes in three flavor varieties, each with its own personality. Oatmeal Cranberry is described as energizing, as oats are an excellent pregnancy food. They are full of fiber to help regulate digestion, B vitamins, iron and potassium. The Lemon Ginger Greens bar refreshes while providing a little zing. Lemon is recognized as helping ease morning sickness. The Chocolate bar is, as one would expect, chocolatey. In addition, cocoa is an antioxidant and it contains important B vitamins and minerals.

Each 45g bar contains 180-190 calories, and 7-9g of fat, depending on variety. Available online and through select retail outlets, a bar sells for $2.99.

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