Kemin AssuriTEA Sport is Designed to Take the Pain Out of Exercise

When it comes to maximizing recovery and meeting exercise goals, fitness-focused individuals are often forced to delay their exercise routine due to muscle soreness and fatigue from repetitive or increased physical activity. To help overcome soreness and fatigue, Kemin has launched AssuriTEA Sport, a water-extracted proprietary formula of diverse polyphenols that works as a recovery ingredient for athletes and other active individuals.

AssuriTEA Sport can be taken by men and women of all ages who want to recover more quickly from exercise and other activities that cause fatigue and soreness, allowing them to accomplish their physical routines with more frequency and power.

AssuriTEA Sport is backed by human clinical trial results. Unlike some other commonly used sport supplement ingredients, AssuriTEA’s all-natural formula is comprised of high levels of diverse polyphenols from fully traceable plant sources. It is 100 percent water extracted, and therefore does not contain harsh solvents or pesticide residues.

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