Solixir Rolls Out Natural, Functional 'Mood' Drinks

Solixir is an all-natural, functional drink brand, developed and marketed by its namesake company based in Evanston, Ill. Solixir was created by Scott Lerner, an ex-marine and a lifelong health and fitness fanatic, who became frustrated with the lack of healthy, natural drinks that would help him with his early morning workouts.

The citrus-flavored beverages contain no added sugar or caffeine and rely on botanicals and other natural ingredients for their functional benefits. Solixir's functional drinks are less than 60 calories per 12-oz. can.

The "Think" formulation is designed for mental clarity to help concentration. "Awaken" is for gentle energy to provide a lift without the spike and crash of other energy drinks. "Restore" is for immune support to help restore the body's immune system, while "Relax" helps one unwind the mind and relieve stress.

With a suggested retail price of $1.99 per can, Solixir can be purchased at more than 850 stores across the country, including Whole Foods Market and The Vitamin Shoppe. A 12-pack of Solixir can also be purchased online on

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