South Beach Diet Protein Bars and Smoothies Pack Protein Into Snacks

South Beach Diet Corp. has introduced a line of protein-packed snack bars and snack smoothies. South Beach Diet ProteinFit Bars contain 16g of protein and come in two flavors--Vanilla Caramel and Honey Peanut--both with a Greek yogurt coating. The new South Beach Diet Snack Bar is flavored Chocolate Caramel Nut and contains 6g of protein and 100 guilt-free calories.

The South Beach Diet Snack Smoothies are shelf-stable, single-serve, ready-to-drink smoothies packed with 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. Made with natural sweeteners, including monk fruit extract, the 8-ounce drinks come in three flavors: Perfectly Peach, Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry.

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