Adam Rubin’s Salad Shots Bring the Extraordinary to Salad Dressings

Adam Rubin, founder of Saladshots LLC, recently was described as the “Willy Wonka of Salads” by, for his innovative line of fun and healthy salad dressings that should be making their way onto store shelves just in time for back-to-school meal planning. Saladshots come in groundbreaking flavors and on-the-go packaging. They are ready to transform the way Americans eat fruits and vegetables.

The dressings come in unique flavors such as Chocolate Chip, Citrus Ginger, Mac n’ Cheese, Mint Basil, PB&J, Pomegranate and Rose Petal, as well as traditional dressing flavors like Feel Good Ranch and Honey Mustard. Made with high-quality ingredients and limited amounts of fat, sodium and processed sugar (agave nectar is used as a natural sweetening alternative), a 1-oz. serving contains 50 calories and 3-4g of fat, depending on variety. The dressings come in 2.5-oz. shelf-stable recloseable pouches, with a single pouch retailing for just under $2. Four packs will be available.

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