Artichoke Water Delivers Antioxidants and Fresh Taste

After two years of product development and nutritional research to leverage the nourishing benefits of artichokes, Arty Water Co., Newport Beach, Calif., introduces Arty Water. This first-of-its-kind drink is made from fresh California artichokes, apple, lemon and spearmint, with a touch of monk fruit for sweetness. Consumers don’t typically consume artichoke leaves, which are a concentrated source of antioxidants, such as silymarin and chlorogenic acid, as well as vitamins and minerals. The company patented a process to use whole artichoke, enabling the drink to deliver these important nutrients to consumers.

“We have put tremendous passion and effort into bringing this nutritious, multifunctional water to the marketplace, and believe it will become a major global player in the premium water beverage category for both adults and children seeking great-tasting alternatives to coconut water and fruit juices,” says CEO Howard Ketelson. “When we started the company, working out of a homemade test lab kitchen and sampling the product at cafes and fitness clubs, we immediately knew the product had a significant ‘wow’ factor.”

Arty Water comes in single-serve 8-oz. bottles, with a serving containing 40 calories.

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