High-Protein Chips Satisfy Crunchy and Salty Cravings

Quest Nutrition introduces the world’s first high-protein snack potato chip, offering consumers a revolutionary potato chip experience that’s actually good for you instead of being just “less bad.” Two years in development, each personal-size (32g) bag of Quest Protein Chips boasts 21g of high-quality whey- and milk-based proteins and only 5g of carbohydrates. The chips are also low in fat (1.5g). The chips have a percentage of calories from protein that exceeds many of the top-selling protein powders on the market.

The baked, gluten-free chips come in three flavors -- Barbecue, Cheddar & Sour Cream and Sea Salt -- with other flavors and package sizes to come. They are initially being sold through the company’s website, with distribution to natural and specialty food stores expected later in the year.

“At Quest Nutrition, our goal is to revolutionize food by making healthy versions of traditionally unhealthy foods that people love to eat,” says Tom Bilyeu, president and co-founder. “We’re excited to introduce a product that delivers all the fun of potato chips with the health benefits of a high-quality protein meal.”

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