Manifesto Rice Cakes Offer Element of Surprise

Element is a line of rice cakes made in Italy and imported into the States by product developer and distributor Manifesto Industries. The cakes provide Americans a guilt-free dessert, as they are GMO-free, gluten-free and extremely low in sugar, only 5-5.5g per serving, depending on variety.

The dessert snacks come in four flavors -- Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Yogurt and Vanilla Orange — and in regular (17g) and mini (4g) sizes. The regular-sized cakes are sold in two and six packs, while the minis come in bags of 15. There also is a dark chocolate corn cake option in both regular and mini size. All of the dark chocolate options are suitable for vegans.

The husband and wife owners of Element are from Sweden and Italy, respectively. They grew up with delicious, healthy, high-quality foods and wanted to bring a bit of that to their new home in the States. They manufacture Element in Italy in order to source natural ingredients from local farms. The cakes are produced using a traditional recipe, yet with new manufacturing tools that reduce the impact on the environment. They are made with pure Italian chocolate and yogurt and organic rice and corn.

Element Chocolate Rice Cake
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