Rheo3000 V.2 Software Harnesses the Power of new RST Touch Screen Rheometers

Brookfield Engineering's Rheo3000 V.2 Software, for use with their new family of RST Touch Screen Rheometers, offer the capability for making rheological measurements, whether it’s single point viscosity for QC or complete flow curve analysis for R&D. Rheo3000 V.2 is 21 CFR compliant, including controlled user access and data integrity/security.

The operator enters the shear stress or shear rate, temperature and test time requirements and Rheo3000 V.2 is designed to complete the data collection and analysis work. Rheo3000 V.2 is constructed to perform a wide variety of tests including: viscoelastic modulus, yield stress, viscosity vs. shear rate profile, thixotropy calculation, creep behavior, recovery after flow, and temperature sensitivity.

Rheo3000 V.2 Software is built to provide visual information and test data on viscoelastic behavior such as viscous creep and recovery. Quality Control Mode enables tolerance bands to be placed around measurement data for immediate visual pass/fail determination. Mathematical data processing models included: Newton, Bingham, Casson, Herschel-Bulkley, Ostwald and Steiger-Ory.