Progresso Brand Expands its Stew and Chili Offerings

It’s sports season, and watching the game with family and friends just got better, as General Mills’ Progresso brand is expanding its heat-and-eat line to include two new stews and a vegetable chili item. Sold in the ambient soup aisle, these pouched meals warm up in less than 6 minutes.

The Roasted Vegetable Chili with 3 Beans is a meat-free option that includes roasted corn, red and green bell peppers, poblano peppers, onions and pinto, black and dark red kidney beans. It joins the two options introduced last year: Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans and Southwest Style White Chicken Chili with Beans.

The heat-and-eat stew line is brand new. It includes White Chicken Stew with Savory Herbs, which is a thick, creamy blend of white chicken meat chunks, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cream, peas, celery and onions, combined with savory herbs and seasonings. The Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef contains large cuts of beef, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, okra, onions, celery and sea salt. The 20-oz. soup pouch and 18-oz. stew pouch have a suggested retail price of $4.49.

Progresso Stew
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