Muscle Milk Shakes Up the Protein Beverage Aisle

CytoSport Inc., maker of Muscle Milk protein products, introduces two new product lines: Muscle Milk Protein Smoothie yogurt shakes and Muscle Milk Coffee House protein shakes. The yogurt shakes are made with Greek-style yogurt and come in shelf-stable 16-oz. plastic bottles in four varieties: Blueberry, Mango Tangerine, Peach and Strawberry Banana. The single-serve bottle contains 260 calories, 4.5g fat, 21g sugar and 25g protein. The protein comes from the yogurt, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. The product is heat treated after culturing, which means the cultures are no longer live and active. It is sweetened with a combination of cane sugar, acesulfame potassium, sucralose and stevia extract.

The coffee shakes feature coffee as the primary ingredient. Each 11-oz. shelf-stable box delivers 120mg of caffeine, similar to a cup of coffee. The serving also contains 20g of protein from milk protein isolate.

In addition to the new product lines, the brand’s core lineup of Muscle Milk ready-to-drink shakes now features updated nutritional profiles and redesigned packaging. These nutritional updates include simplified ingredient statements, the elimination of soy, reduced sugar and a 40 percent reduction in fat.

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