Ready Pac Elevates Salads to a New Level

To meet growing consumer demand for fresh, clean and nutrient-rich meal options, Ready Pac Foods Inc., has launched a new brand: elevAte. A first of its kind in its category, all eight elevAte single-serve salads are non-GMO, organic and gluten-free superfood blends.

The packaging takes an innovative approach in the fresh foods category. Its full-sleeve packaging, a first for any Ready Pac Foods product, tells a unique story for each flavor combination, prompting and encouraging consumers to remove the sleeve to see what’s inside. The superfood salad ingredients are clearly identified on the sleeve and visible in the package.

The line includes Blu-Rugula, a 260-calorie blend of organic baby greens and baby lettuces with sorghum, aronia berries, almonds, organic chia seeds, cacao nibs and a blueberry honey vinaigrette dressing. There’s also Go-Go-Gogi, a 240-calorie medley of organic chopped kale, carrots and red cabbage with azuki beans, goji berries, roasted cashews, broccoli and cauliflower florets, black sesame seeds and a green tea matcha dressing. The suggested retail price per salad is $4.99.