Veggie Noodle Co. Offers Spiraled, Ready-to-Eat Veggies

Spiralized vegetables are all the craze in the culinary world. Hand-held machines allow consumers to attach semi-firm and firm vegetables and literally “turn” them into a spaghetti-like product. The Veggie Noodle Co. eliminates the at-home effort with new, ready-to-eat spiral-cut vegetables in four varieties. They are: beets, butternut squash, sweet potato and zucchini.

The spiralized vegetables can be eaten raw, sautéed as an alternative to pasta, or sauced and sidelined in a salad, according to the company’s founder Mason Arnold, who describes himself as a veggie nerd and his company as “simple but twisted.” Arnold’s family includes members with gluten-free dietary restrictions, which was motivation for him to commercialize the product line as a nutrient-dense alternative to pasta. The spiraled vegetables are sold in the produce department in 10.7-oz. containers, which is about four servings. All four offerings are fat free, with the zucchini being the lowest in carbohydrates and only 10 calories per serving. Both beet and butternut squash are 35 calories per serving, while sweet potato delivers 70 calories per serving.

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