Bellisio Foods Offers Up Globally Inspired Healthful Frozen Entrees

Bellisio Foods introduces Eat! frozen entrées, a line of fully cooked frozen meals featuring global flavors and high-quality ingredients. The entrées come in three flavor profiles. BimBap offers a taste of Asia, while LaVida embraces Latin American cuisine and Eat! 2.0 updates classic American flavors. The eight varieties are: Chicken Penne Primavera, Chicken and Potato Curry, Honey Balsamic Chicken, Lemon Herb Chicken, Korean Inspired Chicken, Mexican Style Mac & Cheese with Uncured Bacon, Orange Chicken and Tomatillo Chicken.

Most varieties include one-half cup of vegetables, minimally processed natural white meat chicken and whole grains. All carry responsible nutritional values, including no more than 700mg of sodium or 13g fat, and they have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

“Eat! frozen entrées are ideal for those on-the-go individuals who want a convenient meal option but who crave an adventurous eating experience,” says Jeff Tuttle, senior vice president of innovation. “With Asian and Latin American inspired meals as well as new takes on American favorites, we believe Eat! frozen entrées offer the kind of interesting and bold flavors that have been missing from the freezer aisle and the dinner table.”

Belissio Eat Entrees
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