Bertolli Serves Up Vegetable-laden Pasta Sauces

New Bertolli Rustic Cut Pasta Sauces from R&B Foods, a subsidiary of Mizkan America Inc., start with a tomato base and get loaded with an abundance of crisp vegetables. The sauces contain no artificial colors or flavors and no added sugar. They are crafted with inspiration from the Tuscan way of cooking, which relies only on a few quality ingredients prepared in a way to lock in layers of flavor.

The four varieties are: Marinara with Traditional Vegetables (thick chunks of tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery and garlic cooked lightly with extra virgin olive oil), Roasted Garlic Marinara with Garden Vegetables (roasted, aromatic garlic cooked lightly with extra virgin olive oil and combined with thick cuts of carrots and celery), Spicy Marinara with Traditional Vegetables (hot cayenne pepper meets hearty cuts of tomatoes, carrots and garlic) and Sweet Peppers and Portobello Mushrooms (chunks of sweet, juicy peppers and hearty portobello mushrooms mixed with vine-ripened tomatoes and herbs). The sauces come in resealable and recyclable 24-oz. glass jars and have a suggested retail price of $3.99.