Bold Flavors Meet Cheddar Cheese

Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese is a fourth-generation family-owned cheese factory based in rural Kiel, Wis., which features an on-site cheese store and museum. The company has been making cheese since 1914 using locally sourced milk. It is best known for its cheddar and Colby cheeses, especially its limited-edition flavors, which now include three new bold concepts.

Bacon Cheddar contains a generous amount of cured bacon pieces in yellow cheddar. Dragon’s Breath Cheddar is made with “fire-breathing” habanero peppers. Golden Fenugreek Cheddar is made with creamy white cheddar cheese and fenugreek seeds, which have a slightly sweet, maple-like flavor that gives the cheese a sweet and nutty flavor. The cheeses come in 12-, 22- and 38-pound wheels, intended for in-store cheese counters for random-weight chunks. The company also offers 8-oz. precuts.

These new, bold flavors join unexpected sweet, fruity cheddar cheeses. Some of Henning’s specialties include Blueberry Cobbler Cheddar, Cinnamon Apple Pie Cheddar, Pina Colada Cheddar and Sweet Cherry Cheddar. All of Henning’s cheeses are made with milk from now cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. Most of the cheeses are kosher.

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