Meter Launches Skala for Food Quality Labs

Meter Group recently introduced Skala for food quality labs.

According to a release, Skala automatically collects quality data from existing instruments and processes it into a single unified control center, which food companies can use to increase profitability, comply with regulatory requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

Skala doesn’t require manual data entry; it collects digital data directly from measuring devices manufacturers already have in place. Instruments, sensors and devices connect directly to Skala HUB. Data is collected digitally, creating permanent records accessed through Skala Control. Readings can be explained and corrective actions documented, but no reading can be erased or altered.

This data is also an important asset for increasing profitability and improving quality. Quality managers can use real-time data to avert potential problems and team members can have visibility into quality indicators, opening up opportunities for reduced waste and continuous improvement.

Skala HUB
Product Type:
Automation & control systems
Meter Group, Inc.