Fullgreen Rolls Out Shelf-stable Riced Veggies

Fullgreen is rolling out four varieties of low-carbohydrate riced vegetables. The way the line differs from other riced vegetables in the market is that these are shelf-stable, single-serve, 7.05-oz. (200g) pouches that are ready in the microwave in 2.5 minutes. Similar products are sold either frozen or refrigerated. These gluten-free, additive-free non-GMO vegan sides have as much as 85 percent fewer calories than rice and contain no added sugar or sodium.

Cauli Rice is 100 percent cauliflower. There’s also Cauli Rice with broccoli and with tomatoes, garlic and herbs. The recipe for the latter was inspired by Spanish rice. The tangy side dish can also be used as a base for grain-free fajita bowls or as a filling in vegan burritos. The fourth item, Vegi Rice, is 100 percent sweet potato and the most nutrient-dense variety. Skins are left on the sweet potatoes for extra nutrition, making this product a good source of fiber and potassium. A pouch contains 100 calories, 1g fat, 6g fiber, 3g protein and no sodium. All varieties are touted as being free of allergens and produced in an environment that avoids any chance of cross contamination.

FullGreen Caulirice
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