Misha Rolls Out Probiotic Grass-Fed Quark to the U.S.

Though rather new to the United States, quark is a culinary tradition in Europe. The cultured dairy product has inspired European palates in Germany (where it's called quark), France (fromage blanc), Norway (kvarg), Russia (tvorog), Austria (topfen) and Denmark (kvark), among other countries.

The owners of Misha LLC grew up with quark and, after coming to the U.S., rolled out low-fat quark in 2014. After some fine tuning and rebranding, the company is introducing Wünder Creamery Superdairy Quark, with the brand paying homage to quark’s international origins and emphasizing the product’s superior nutrition. The new line is made with whole milk from grass-fed cows and is loaded with probiotic cultures. Though it resembles non-tart yogurt, it is actually fresh cheese made with a special blend of cheese cultures imported from France. It comes in Blueberry, Coconut, Coffee, Matcha, Raspberry and Vanilla Bean flavors in 5.3-oz. cups. There’s also a plain option in a 24-oz. container.

“High protein, low sugar and probiotics make quark a great option for a balanced diet,” says Kamilya Abilova, co-founder. “A tad of healthy fats adds to the mouthfeel and the flavor. It’s just one of those uncompromising snacks.”

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